Bring The Power of the Sun Into Your Home


Bring The Power of the Sun Into Your Home


Beautiful and Touchably Smooth – A Long Journey to the Right Material

The sun is the most beautiful and powerful force in our solar system. It represents life and brings joy into our day. How to capture the beauty and brightness of the Sun? We worked tirelessly to source the exact material that would showcase the unique way that the sun emits light. The material needed to be able to both encase the light and emit it gently and evenly.

Golden Calcite

We have recreated this life force with our Sun Mood Lamp. Created using Golden Calcite.

Mood Lamp

From Our Minds and Into Your Home

The Sun was not created overnight and neither is our DesSpace Solar Mood Lamp – in fact we spend a very long time perfecting the shape and the glow so that you can delight in the quality. Our craftspeople hand shape every piece of gemstone into a perfect sphere before carefully polishing it to a glass-like shimmer. This takes time, but getting it right is not worth rushing.

Solar Sun Classic*

Walnut wooden base perfect for anyone who prefers a minimalist, artisanal approach.

*This is not a mood light it will not be illuminated.

Solar Sun Contemporary

Minimalistic aluminium that can fit perfectly into any style of home or working environment.

*This is a mood light and it will be illuminated.


Made of Gemstone Materials*

In designing our DeskSpace planet set, we worked incredibly hard (for several months) to source the exact materials that would showcase the unique beauty of each planet.

We visited factories and suppliers worldwide and even cross referenced NASA satellite images with the finished products to ensure they are as accurate as they are stunning. The final result are polished gems that are lovely to look at, smooth to touch and a creative gift that will be appreciated by young and old.

*Please note Neptune is the only planet which is not made of gemstone materials

Build Your Knowledge of the Universe

Heavyweight Book

Here at DeskSpace, we love to offer a little extra. When you buy your Solar Mood Lamp, we also give you a high quality, heavyweight booklet full of interesting and sometimes, intriguing facts about the Sun. Filled with detailed images, this book is the perfect addition to the light.

Planetary system – Classic


The Solar Sun Classic comes with a solid Walnut wooden base that matches perfectly with the original DeskSpace – Planetary System Set. Championing the unique materials in a timeless design the Classic collection doesn’t come with cables and electronics, therefore it has no light functionality.

Planetary system – Contemporary


Solar Mood Lamp is a step forward from our original Planetary System Set as it features our bespoke anodised aluminium base and therefore works perfectly as a matching item with the Solar Mood Lamp.

Aluminium Stand Upgrade for Existing Customers​

Planetary System ALuminium Stand

We are also offering our solar sun customers the metal base from the upcoming Solar System Set if you wish to upgrade to match with our solar sun.



Natural Material

the natural beauty

Natural stones are products of the nature. Therefore, variations in color, pattern, texture and veining must be accepted. These differences and variations in stone should be considered as the beauty of natural stone instead of flaws.


DeskSpace 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

At DeskSpace we pride ourselves on quality and have hundreds of positive reviews piling up from the launch of our first product. We want to make sure you are 100% happy with your DeskTech products. If you feel there are any issues with your product you can contact us directly at and we will be there to help resolve any issues until you’re completely satisfied.