Handcrafted from natural gemstones and minerals*

Materials Disclaimer


the natural beauty

Natural stones are products of the nature. Therefore, variations in color, pattern, texture and veining must be accepted. These differences and variations in stone should be considered as the beauty of natural stone instead of flaws.

DeskSpace Natural Material Guarantee

At DeskSpace we pride ourselves on quality and have hundreds of positive reviews piling up from the launch of our products. 

Please read this document carefully. By purchasing natural stone products, you signify your acceptance of this natural stone disclaimer. 


The Perfection of Imperfection

Each ‘planet’ is made from a different gemstone, please note some of the raw materials have naturally occurring internal voids. After shaping the raw material into a sphere, sometimes these voids can cause slight deviations on the surface or what appear to be ‘chips’, this is not damage from transportation and is to be expected. The level shine on each gemstone can also vary depending on the material because some can be polished more than others.

Every gemstone is hand-crafted, meaning each one is shaped into a sphere by hand. Because of this we cannot guarantee each of the gemstones will be perfectly spherical or completely void of the occasional flat spot. We actively want these small variants in each of the gemstones as it creates a more organic feeling which resonates with the natural materials and the natural formation of the planets they are trying to represent. We try our absolute best to match each gemstone as closely as possible as the samples shown online, but these images are only to be used to give you a general idea about the appearance of each of the gemstones. Please note that changes in lighting may cause the products to look slightly different in real life than those shown in images online and that multiple orders of the same item might not be an exact match.

Materials Selections

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